Compound W Skin Tag Remover Review

Compound W Skin Tag Remover Ratings
Compound W Skin Tag Remover Ratings

Compound W Skin Tag Remover: The Right Choice For You?

Compound W Skin Tag remover is a liquid skin treatment solution that treats all types and sizes of skin tags. While it is not an entirely homeopathic formula, this formula takes full use of clinically proven natural ingredients to provide one of the safest and effective treatments for skin tags available.

This extra strength formula was made to work quickly to clear up skin tags in as little as two weeks. This is half the time that the average skin tag removal treatment takes without using a freeze method or a scalpel. The best part about Compound W is that it is the number one dermatologist recommended skin tag treatment in the United States.


  • Comes with a convenient brush for quick and accurate application
  • Low price point assures that it is affordable on any budget
  • Offers a cheap, in home solution to a doctor visit
  • Will not result in an unsightly scars or skin tone mismatches
  • Only requires application twice daily

The Good

There is quite a bit of good to talk about when it comes to Compound W Skin Tag treatment solutions. First and foremost is obviously the price of the product. Where most other treatments will cost upwards of forty dollars, you can obtain the ten milliliter bottle of Compound W for as little as ten dollars. That is about a fifth of the cost of a doctor’s copay, with none of the trouble of leaving your home.

Another great aspect of Compound W is that the formula uses a blend of powerful chemical and natural ingredients. This allows for an increased chance of the product working for more individuals and reduces the risks of adverse reactions to the product.

Unlike systemic products, Compound W is directly applied to the skin tag and does not require viral resistance to be built up before it begins to actually treat skin tags. It kills the skin tag directly, making it dry up and withering before falling off.

Yet another positive aspect of this product is the fact that it is an alternative to professional medicine. Aside from the money saved, you won’t have to resort to cutting your skin or freezing the skin tag off. Compound W skin tag remover is also a very safe product to use and won’t harm surrounding tissue like other products. This is the only at home treatment of skin tags that forms a protective film over the good skin while you target the skin tag.

Another great thing about this product is the fact that the ten milliliter bottle comes with enough of the formula to completely treat up to eight skin tags before you need to buy another bottle.

The Bad

One of the most disappointing parts about Compound W is that it does not come with a guarantee. Many companies, if not most, provide some sort of money back guarantee if their product does not work, but this is not one of them. However, this allows the company to significantly lower the price of their products. So, even if the product fails to treat the tag properly, you’ve only lost ten dollars.

Another disparaging feature of this product is the fact that you cannot apply the product everywhere. For example, you cannot apply this on the face because the chemicals in the product can damage your eyes and lead to some serious irritation. This is not the case with most 100% natural methods, however, it is also more effective than most.

Our verdict

When you get down to it, this product is as cheap as they come and has enough endorsements that should make anyone with skin tags try it out.

While this is not a 100% natural formula, it does use some of the same herbs and minerals contained in most homeopathic formulas in an attempt to get the best of both worlds. Compound W skin tag remover has been shown capable of removing skin tags as claimed, while leaving no skin damage behind. This product is well above average, and definitely worth trying.

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